Clinical Care Counseling

Clinical care counseling provides confidential individual and family supportive counseling, financial guidance, and resource referrals. Counselors are available in person or by telephone to help patients, family members and caregivers navigate all stages of the transplant journey.

Supportive Counseling – We understand that patients and families are under a tremendous amount of stress due to the process of undergoing a transplant. Our counselors are available in person or by phone to provide support and to offer additional resources that may be of help to patients, family members, and caregivers. Our counselors provide support to patients and family members during the transplant journey and empower patients to advocate for themselves to receive the best care possible.

Financial Guidance and Referrals – The financial component of the transplant process can be overwhelming for patients and their families. In addition to the three financial assistance programs offered by the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation, our counselors are available to provide information on additional resources that may be available to you based on your diagnosis, age, and type of assistance needed.

We are here to help! Please contact us at 1-800-365-1336 or and ask to speak with one of our social workers.