The Patient Aid Program

Transplant patients and their families face enough challenges without added worries over money. Yet health insurance only covers part of a transplant’s total cost. The Bone Marrow Foundation’s Patient Aid Program lessens the burden of transplant-related expenses, offering direct financial assistance for donor searches, compatibility testing, bone marrow or stem cell collection, cord blood banking, medications, medical equipment, home and child care services, housing expenses, and transportation. It’s the only program that doesn’t limit patient assistance to specific diagnosis or age range, and that has relationships with bone marrow transplant centers across the country.

The application for the Patient Aid Program requires information about diagnosis, treatment, financial status and information from your social worker and physician. If you are interested in applying for a Patient Aid Program grant, please carefully review the guidelines and download the application form, and give it to your physician, nurse coordinator or social worker to complete.

Click here for Guidelines and Application Form

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