Art to Help Children

A creative opportunity to raise awareness and funds for The Bone Marrow Foundation’s Pediatric Patient Aid Program.

Art to Help Children is a program for children in early elementary school. They draw, paint, or color a self portrait, their vision of themselves. Their finished masterpieces are placed in frames donated by program sponsors for display at a regularly scheduled school event, such as a Parents’ Night or school play. Parents or other family members can purchase the artwork in commemoration of their child’s involvement. 100% of the proceeds from the art sale go to The Bone Marrow Foundation’s Pediatric Patient Aid Program.

Representatives of The Bone Marrow Foundation are available to speak with participating students about how their artwork helps sick children who, like Nathan, Jasmine and Billy, have only one hope for life: a bone marrow stem cell transplant.

All of the funds raised through Art to Help Children directly support The Bone Marrow Foundation’s Pediatric Aid Program, which provides immediate financial assistance to families to help cover the costs of donor searches, compatibility testing, medications, cord-blood banking, home- and child-care services, medical equipment, transportation, accommodations and many other ancillary expenses associated with a child’s transplant. Health insurance often does not cover these services, which are essential to a successful transplant, but which many families simply cannot afford.

The Bone Marrow Foundation works to improve the quality of life for bone marrow and stem cell transplant patients and their families. It is the only organization that provides financial assistance, education and support programs to patients and their families without limiting patient assistance to a specific diagnosis or age range.

Children….helping children.

Nathan was diagnosed when he was five and a half months old with aute lymphoblastic leukemia and received a transplant in October 2003. The Bone Marrow Foundation’s Pediatric Patient Aid Program provided his family with financial support during this difficult period. Today, Nathan’s cancer is in remission, and he is a happy, active 3-year-old.

Art to Help Children’s Creator

Art to Help Children was created by Kimberly Textor, a 15-year-old from Long Island, who wanted to do something that would make a difference for children who have cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. Kimblerly knew that children love to create artwork, and that parents find their children’s artwork priceless. So she came up with idea for Art to Help Children to support the foundation’s financial assistance program for families of children undergoing bone marrow or stem cell transplants.

Kimberly turned her idea into a reality, approaching local businesses to underwrite the cost of frames for children’s art, enlisting the support of area schools, and contacting parents to raise awareness and funds for the program. She launched Art to Help Children at the The Green Vale School on Long Island, N.Y., and is now reaching out to schools throughout the nation to enlist their involvement in this unique program.

“I am so pleased that we were able to combine self-expression with an expression of support for others. As a school we focus on the health and welfare of young children, and The Bone Marrow Foundation has similar goals. Art to Help Children was a win/win event! Thank you.”
Stephen Watters
Headmaster, The Green Vale School

To coordinate an Art to Help Children event at your school, call or email The Bone Marrow Foundation.