Note Cards by Michele Russell

These note cards were created especially for The Bone Marrow Foundation by cancer survivor, Michele Russell. Painted from a photograph, the image is of a small chapel, Capellina dell Bruna in Vespignano, Italy. Michele was drawn to this image because for her it represents “an ideal place to be…” 100% of the sale of each note card goes to The Bone Marrow Foundation’s Patient Aid Program. Cards are 4.25″ x 5.5″ and come with white envelopes.

“I had an interest in painting and art from an early age but did not pursue it professionally until my early thirties when a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma brought me back to my artistic roots.  While going through my chemo treatments, on days when I felt well enough to do something but not well enough to go out, I would paint.

My work is infused with the varied emotions of my life, which include my battle with cancer and my lifesaving bone marrow transplant.  I believe it expresses that I am not simply surviving, but thriving!”

Michele Russell

Package of 10 cards and envelopes: $20
(Shipping and handling $3.00)
Package of 25 cards and envelopes: $40
(Shipping and handling $3.00)