One-to-One Funds

As a transplant patient’s expenses grow, so also does the desire of family, friends, and community to find ways to help. The Foundation’s One-to-One Funds are set up as a resource to raise money specifically for an individual patient.

Using this website (or by sending a check to the Foundation), a patient’s supporters can raise money for a fund that directly benefits that patient to help with transplant expenses.

All donations are tax-deductible. The Bone Marrow Foundation administers these funds directly to the patient. Each donor receives an acknowledgement letter and the patient receives a listing of all donations made to their One-to-One Fund.

Click on the patient names below to read their stories and contribute to their One-to-One Funds:

Earl Adams

Rileigh Adams

Carol Adinolfi

Phillip Avila

Rudy Blanco

William Branch

Journey Brody

Jeremy Brown

Robert Brown

Isioma Chigbolu

John Ciempa

Jeannine Clemmons

Lori Coffield

Darold Coffman

Marcel Colina

Caroline Cooper

Dennis Cress

Carnell Curry

Miles Curry

Dennis Darling

Eunice Martin Davis

Michael Doll

Cristina Donoso

Jeromy Edgin

Jo Ellen Emswiler

Janie Fancher

Todd Fields

Anna Fiorilli

Srinivas Gadam

Donald Ganzer

Todor Georgiev

Adriana Giovanniello

Christopher Green

Eric Incremona

Jerie Jaecques

Jordan Jemsek

Scott Jenkins

Brad Jewett

Tracy Jolley

Bessie Jones

Ariel Kelly

Patricia Kraft

Tim Krumal

Kellye Labrador

BethAnne Lankey

Debra Lesane

Todd Livziey

Paul Lovato

Hadley Mercer

Carl Miller

Danielle Moye

Julie Mueller

Matthew Murphy

Annah Ochieng

Douglas O’Neal

Faye Phillips

Kyleigh Phillips

Jennifer Price Pollard

Willa “Reggie” Poole

James Pope

Patricia Probst

Michael Prunier

Maria Rainho

Todd Ramsbottom

Polly Rankins

Darryl Ransom

Dalton Reno

Joshua Rich

Hailey Riggs

Teena Rodriguez

Thomas Ryan

Sanat Sachdev

Lynda Sanders

Caesar Sant

Dream Shepherd

Lawrence Smith

Amanda Stackelbeck

Mary Jo Stevens

Nikki Sykes

Jim Takacs

Joshua Thomas

Megan Tillery

David Turnage

Jessie Turner

Daynian Tyler

James Watkins

Eddie Michael Whitaker-Russell

Barry Wright

Daniela Yates

Elizabeth Young

If you would like to set up a One-to-One Fund for a transplant patient in your life, click here for more information.