Adriana Giovanniello


Adriana and her mom.



In early June 2014, Adriana “Adri” Giovanniello was diagnosed with an ovarian torsion. Her ovary was removed within weeks and a test revealed that she had myeloid sarcoma, which is essentially a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Needing immediate treatment thereafter, Adri and her mother, Kathy, vowed that no matter what they would beat this together. Having gone through two rounds of intensive chemotherapy, numerous bone marrow extractions and giving countless vials of blood, Adri is now in remission. However, given the nature of her AML, Adri unfortunately cannot maintain remission on her own. In the hopes to prevent a relapse in the future, Adri entered Memorial Sloan Kettering in October 2014 to receive an allogeneic T-cell depleted bone marrow transplant.

Adri’s mother speaks admirably of Adri’s strength, grace and spirit throughout this ordeal. Her resolve to take everything in stride is breathtaking to say the least and serves inspirational to all who know and meet her. Their mantra is quite simple — “Cancer has NOOO idea who it’s up against”.

To help offset the costs associated with her transplant, Adri and her family have partnered with The Bone Marrow Foundation — setting up a One-to-One Fund to collect donations on Adri’s behalf. As Adri recovers over the next several months, these funds will be directly allocated to any medical expenses not covered or exceeded by insurance. They will also help to offset other necessities such as caretaking and living expenses.

Adri and her family are beyond grateful for the assistance of those so thoughtfully generous.

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