Annah Ochieng





Annah is a 23-year-old woman from a small village in Kenya. Born with sickle cell anemia, Annah has been unable to receive proper treatment for her disease due to the extremely limited resources in her area. Living in a village that has no electricity, running water, or nearby hospitals, Annah has been given unstable treatment since birth. Doctors have told Annah that she would not be able to live past the age of 12, but she continues to fight and is currently in desperate need of treatment.

In hopes of proper treatment, Annah moved to Oklahoma in 2008 to live with her sister. However, in order for the treatment and subsequent allogeneic stem cell transplant to occur, Annah must cover all payments for the transplant as well as medications for about one year. Overall, she is responsible for raising approximately $300,000 for the one-month hospitalization, including donor fees. Annah will remain in the hospital for another four weeks post-transplant for close monitoring. Should complications occur, she could face re-hospitalization for an unspecified amount of time. Annah will require numerous post-transplant medications that cost about $3,000 per month. Without proving that she has all of the expenses covered, Annah may not be able to receive the transplant she so desperately needs.

Despite contradictory estimates of how much time Annah has left, she is determined to do all she can in order to raise money for her transplant. Additionally, she continues to stay positive and hopes to make conditions better in Kenya for others suffering from sickle cell anemia. Annah launched a small community project, Sickle Cell Outreach of Kisumu, in order to raise awareness of the disease and the lack of treatment within Kenya’s small villages. It is crucial for Annah to raise the funds necessary for her transplant and she is teaming with The Bone Marrow Foundation to collect donations on her behalf.

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