Barry Wright

Barry WrightIn January of 2010, Barry Wright noticed a large lump growing on the right side of his neck. A visit to the hospital emergency room led to a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Treatment began immediately and Barry underwent six cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

In early 2011 Barry returned to his doctors for routine diagnostic scans hoping for news that his cancer was in remission. However, the scans indicated that the cancer was now in his chest. Too small to biopsy, Barry waited two months to allow for the cancer to show large enough for testing. During this time, the cancer became a greater threat having entered the bone.

Barry is once again undergoing chemotherapy and his doctors are advising a bone marrow transplant. Throughout this process, Barry has remained optimistic but is beginning to realize that without immediate treatment his cancer will continue to spread.

Due to his treatment, Barry was forced into early retirement, which has left him without proper insurance coverage and funding to cover the costs of his medical care. While Barry is a strong candidate for a transplant, the hospital protocol requires that he have a 24 hour caretaker for 2-4 weeks post-discharge. Until he can raise the funds for a private duty caretaker he is unable to proceed with the transplant.

In order to help Barry afford his necessary medical care he has teamed with The Bone Marrow Foundation to set up a special One-to-One Fund to collect donations on his behalf.

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