Carnell Curry



Carnell’s life revolves around his wife Brenda, their children and 12 grandchildren. All his life, he worked hard to provide for his family. At age 53, Carnell was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He was forced to leave his job as a truck driver and receive a stem cell transplant in May 2014.

When Carnell was diagnosed, he felt as though all he had tried to give his family was slipping away. He was raised in inner city Detroit, one of seven siblings and part of a low-income family. Even so, Carnell’s father was able to instill a strong sense of family and solid work ethic in him. Though Carnell and his family always struggled financially, it made him more determined. He is now determined to fight this illness and return to his family again, as he is currently recovering in a hospital more than two hours from his home.

Carnell feels grateful to have a second chance at life after his transplant. He and his family are now struggling with costs related to his treatment including housing, transportation, co-pays and various medical expenses. To help cover the cost of his transplant-related expenses, Carnell and his family have turned to The Bone Marrow Foundation to open this One-to-One Fund on his behalf. Any donations will help support Carnell’s expenses as he works towards recovering from his transplant.

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