Christopher Green


Christopher and his children.



In 2007, at age 38, Christopher felt a strange swelling in his stomach. He went to the hospital where an MRI revealed that he had a swollen spleen and that his white blood cell count was 259,000. Christopher was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) in May 2007 and was admitted to the hospital the next day.

After all three of Christopher’s siblings were tested as potential bone marrow matches, his sister Lisa was found to be a match. Lisa will also act as Christopher’s caregiver throughout his treatment. The bone marrow transplant has been put on hold until Christopher can raise the needed funds.

Throughout his illness, Christopher has maintained his hobbies of listening to music, playing guitar, attending church services, and cooking all types of food, especially soul food, Mexican and Chinese food. He describes his journey since diagnosis as being about “acceptance”. Christopher says that he has gained strength by realizing that God has the situation in his hands, and he is able to “rest in the comfort of God”.

Christopher has teamed up with The Bone Marrow Foundation to raise funds for his transplant. Without raising the necessary funds, Christopher will not be able to receive his transplant. Any and all donations are so greatly appreciated.

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