Darold Coffman



Darold, 53, was working as a dietary aid at a nursing home when he began to feel shoulder pain. A labor intensive job, Darold was raising his arms frequently. The pain in his shoulders seemed to linger for about three months when his fingers began to tingle. Eventually, he had no feeling in his hands and arms. After getting admitted to the ER, where diagnostics were run, Darold was told that he had lymphoma. Doctors uncovered a large mass in his armpit, which had been the source of Darold’s unwavering pain.

After a biopsy confirmed Darold’s diagnosis, treatment immediately began and a port was put in to place so he could receive chemotherapy. He endured a lengthy hospitalization due to the side effects of his treatment. Darold’s heart needed close monitoring. Up until this point, Darold has endured a total of six rounds of chemotherapy. He is expected to receive an autologous transplant late April 2015.
Financially and emotionally, this journey has been trying for Darold and his wife, Patricia. Each visit to the transplant center is over an hour from their home. Patricia continues to work, when possible, until Darold is admitted for his transplant. Her ability to work will become limited, as she will become his full-time caregiver. Her company has been flexible in allotting her time to be with Darold, but she has exhausted any paid leave that she accrued prior to the onset of his illness.

Expenses seem to be piling up, as the family is behind on their mortgage payments and have varying co-pay costs. As a result of the chemotherapy, Darold suffered a pulmonary embolism that required him to be medicated with blood thinners. The co-pay for this is astronomical and at times, the family could not afford to pay; therefore, it has been difficult to get him in better shape for the transplant to occur. He is now required to see a lung specialist. Their financial situation has left them to make a decision between paying bills or paying for transportation to the cancer center.

To help Darold and his family offset the costs of medical expenses, living expenses, and transportation, he and his family have decided to partner with The Bone Marrow Foundation to raise the necessary funds needed to proceed with transplant. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated!

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