Darryl Ransom



In July 2013, at 54 years old, Darryl sustained a minor head injury while at his pest control job. Several days later, he became dizzy and collapsed in his home. He and his wife, Golanda, attributed this fall to his head injury. When the paramedics took him to the hospital because of his fall, doctors drew blood and could tell something was not right. Darryl was admitted and one week later was told that he had acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

After the diagnosis, Darryl was referred to an oncologist in order to start chemotherapy. Seven months later, he was told he would need a bone marrow transplant which would take place in Tampa – four and a half hours from his home.

Darryl and his family were clueless about the transplant process. His wife Golanda became his caregiver. One of the biggest challenges preparing for transplant was that their 14-year-old daughter, who has special needs, would have to go to Tampa with the family because she required 24/7 care. Golanda and Darryl had to pull their daughter out of school during Darryl’s treatment. The family rented an apartment near the hospital where they stayed for three months. After the transplant, Darryl got an infection and had to go twice a week to the hospital to be treated.

Darryl is very active; his favorite hobbies are doing yard work and grilling for his family. It has been hard for him to rest during the transplant recovery time because he is so used to always being on the move. Darryl has remained extremely positive throughout his transplant journey. His wife Golanda has been his rock and provides much-needed support and love. They are grateful for the help and support they have received from friends and family, and are strong in their faith. When they get back on their feet, the Ransoms would like to help other families going through the transplant process.

In order to raise money for Darryl’s follow-up care in Tampa, including travel expenses, they decided to team up with The Bone Marrow Foundation by opening a One-to-One Fund. Any contributions are very much appreciated and would be used towards medical and living expenses. Thank you for your support!

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