Eunice Martin Davis

Eunice Martin DavisEunice Martin Davis is a vibrant energetic person, but eight months ago she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and it has changed her life dramatically. She is experiencing many of the common symptoms related to her diagnosis, including being extremely tired and in constant pain. As a result, Eunice had to stop working as a courier and delivery driver, a position she has held for nineteen years.

Eunice lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and two children, but in order to receive her bone marrow transplant she will need to stay over two hours away from her family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The financial assistance she has received from her immediate family has been tremendous, but unfortunately due to medical costs it is not enough to sustain her and her family during this difficult time. Eunice and her family have teamed up with The Bone Marrow Foundation to create this One-to-One Fund in order to help with medical expenses and insurance premiums. They are appreciative of any support that can be given.

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Or you can send a check, payable to The Bone Marrow Foundation.
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The Bone Marrow Foundation
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