Isioma Chigbolu

Isioma ChigboluIsioma Chigbolu was a working man dedicated to his family. He ran a family food business with his sister. Suddenly, after his beloved father passed away, Isioma was diagnosed with multiple myelonoma. Treatments left him physically unable to help his sister. The rest of their family is in Nigeria and with no help they lost the business and the source of income.

Isioma lives in Lancaster, California and is currently being supported by Darlene, his partner of twelve years. Darlene has been doing everything she can to help pay for Isioma’s medical expenses. When she is not working or caring for Isioma, she tries to raise money by having garage sales.

On April 18th Isioma received a bone marrow transplant at City of Hope in Duarte, California. City of Hope is over 200 miles round trip from Isioma and Darlene’s home in Lancaster. This has lead to additional transportation expenses as well as living expenses when it was necessary to stay close to the hospital for pre and post transplant medical care.

To help reduce the financial and emotional stress that has been placed on Isioma and his family they have turned to The Bone Marrow Foundation to set up this special One-to-One Fund. They will greatly appreciate any donations that can be made.

Click here to contribute to Isioma’s One-to-One Fund

Or you can send a check, payable to The Bone Marrow Foundation.
Be sure to include Isioma’s name on the front of the check.
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The Bone Marrow Foundation
515 Madison Avenue, Suite 1130
New York, New York 10022