Janie Fancher



At age 50, despite being very active and generally healthy, Janie began having back pains. A few months later, her gallbladder had to be removed. During the procedure, doctors noticed that her blood levels were off. Janie did not want to get a bone marrow biopsy because she had concerns about the procedure. Months later, at her daughter Carlina’s urging, she decided to get the procedure done and was diagnosed with stage III multiple myeloma. Janie is expecting to undergo an autologous bone marrow transplant within the next few months.

Janie’s best friend and biggest support is Carlina, who describes her mom as someone who has always bent over backwards to help others. Carlina is trying to raise money on Janie’s behalf in order to meet basic living expenses. Janie and Carlina are essentially homeless as Carlina’s two part-time jobs are not enough to make ends meet. They are living on a distant cousin’s couch and the conditions are not conducive to allow Janie to properly prepare for transplant. They also need funds for a reliable vehicle so Carlina can transport Janie back and forth from the hospital.

Carlina reached out to The Bone Marrow Foundation for help raising funds in order to give her mom the best chance possible at having a successful transplant. Any contributions you can make are greatly appreciated.

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