Jeannine Clemmons



Upon completing a required externship for a Medical Assistant Program, Jeannine graduated successfully; however, she found herself being turned down from job submissions due to the lack of experience that she had. Her career as a Medical Assistant was at a halt, so she ended up working part-time in sales and found it gratifying to assist customers.

Unfortunately, Jeannine was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in September 2012. Her first reaction was to pray, then to fight to overcome the disease and continue to raise her two children, whose father recently succumbed to illness. Jeannine began a lengthy maintenance treatment plan in hopes that the cancer would go into remission. However, her oncologist told her that the treatment was not going well and recommended undergoing a bone marrow transplant. Jeannine, who was training to become a medical assistant, went on leave from her part-time job.

It has become a challenge to pay for her family’s basic needs, in addition to paying for the necessary medical and transportation expenses. The benefits of the One-to-One Fund would help alleviate some of this financial and emotional burden, so that Jeannine would be free from worrying and concentrate on recovery. Your generous donation will make a significant difference in her life.

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