Jeremy Brown



In 2013, when Jeremy was 26-years-old, he was busy working hard and taking care of his 6-year-old son. He had been feeling drained and extremely tired. Around that time, his mother moved back to help Jeremy with his son. They moved into an apartment together and tried to have a normal family life. Several months later, Jeremy’s leg began hurting. Although he didn’t think it was anything to worry about, his mother took him to the doctor.

When Jeremy met with the doctor, the doctor’s eyes grew wide. The doctor then asked him questions and felt his swollen lymph nodes. He said Jeremy needed to have a biopsy as soon as possible because it could be “cancer”. Jeremy and his mother were left in shock. Jeremy was soon diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma. Within the next week, he saw a surgeon, had a biopsy and had an appointment with an oncologist.

Jeremy was working as an HVAC tech for the past nine years and had to stop working due to chemotherapy. He was out of work with no benefits for eight months. Jeremy’s mother had to pick up extra work to help pay all of his bills. He completed 12 rounds of chemotherapy and was clear of the cancer for six months. During those six months, Jeremy was able to return to work until he relapsed. He was out of work again with no benefits. Finally, his oncologist revealed that he would need a stem cell transplant.



At the end of October 2014, Jeremy went to the hospital for stem cell harvesting. He was away from home for over two weeks and missed his son terribly. Jeremy will be receiving his transplant within the next week or two and will be hospitalized for about a month. He looks forward to receiving a transplant, being cured of his Hodgkins Lymphoma and getting his life back. Jeremy remains strong for his son and family.

Jeremy and his family are partnering with The Bone Marrow Foundation during this difficult time in order to help him raise funds towards his treatment, daily living expenses and support for his son and mother.

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