Jeromy Edgin

Jeromy Edgin


Jeromy Edgin, a 36-year-old firefighter and paramedic for Jacksonville Fire Dept in Arkansas, became ill in 2011. After a year of multiple doctors appointments and several hospital stays, he was finally diagnosed with hypereosinophilic syndrome, an extremely rare type of leukemia with only 5-7 cases noted in the United States.

In order to treat this disease, Jeromy underwent a bone marrow transplant at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas this past January. He then spent five months going between the hospital and a hotel room, as his home is over 600 miles away from the transplant center. His bone marrow transplant went well, but he experienced viruses and graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) complications. Jeromy’s wife was the only family with him during this time. Their four children needed to remain home in Cabot, Arkansas with a caretaker.

The costs associated with his lengthy treatment and continued out-of-pocket expenses have become a hardship for Jeromy and his family. As a result of his decreased immunity and risk of infection, Jeromy has been told he can no longer be a firefighter and will be unable to work as a paramedic any time in the near future. He will have to retake all of his immunizations post-transplant before he can consider returning to work.

To help cover the cost of his transplant related expenses, Jeromy and his family have turned to The Bone Marrow Foundation to open this One-to-One Fund on his behalf. Any donations will help support Jeromy’s medical expenses as he works towards recovering from his transplant.

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