Lori Coffield



Lori is a certified medical assistant and formerly worked in customer service. She is photographed with her dog, Babey, whom she adores. She has many nieces and nephews.

In 2003, Lori took notice to her frequent fatigue, cramping knees, and progressively worsening rash on her elbows and skin. She sought medical attention from her doctor. However, she did not receive any diagnosis though her blood work was notably off. In 2004, Lori noticed lumps the size of a walnut in her groin area, armpit, and lower neck. Seeking medical attention once again, a doctor informed her that these physical ailments were a virus and would run its course. In May of 2004, Lori became more tired and fatigue, barely able to walk because she was so swollen. A medical diagnosis finally revealed that she was in stage 4 of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL).

Lori spent six years traveling from West Virginia to Pittsburgh to receive treatment. She received chemotherapy for two years and went into remission. Three months later, the NHL returned and Lori immediately went back to Pittsburgh to receive more chemotherapy. The strength of the chemotherapy caused her immune system to suffer. This time, the cancer came back in Lori’s abdomen and she was treated with radiation.

In March of 2012, Lori received about 78% of an unrelated donor’s stem cells. She received two more doses of the stem cells in September 2013. Since receiving the transplant, she has experienced many ups and downs. Last April, Lori began feeling pain in her joints. She is being treated with steroids for sclerosis and chronic graft versus host disease (GVHD). Lori has to limit her walking, driving, and sitting for long periods of time. For Lori, this is a slow process in which the outcome is unknown.

Lori incurs a great deal of expenses traveling to and from Pittsburgh. A trip to Pittsburgh from West Virginia is roughly 168 miles. Her car has suffered much wear and tear from the drive. This is why Lori has decided to partner with The Bone Marrow Foundation. Family and friends can make tax-deductible donations that will be allocated towards Lori’s treatment-related expenses.

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