Michael Doll



Starting in early 2014, Michael had been having an inexplicable bad lower back ache. When chiropractor visits, painkillers and ice weren’t helping the situation, he returned to the doctor for an abdominal ultrasound and blood work. The results revealed that Michael was in acute renal failure and he was admitted to the hospital immediately. A bone marrow biopsy was subsequently taken and Michael was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on May 14, 2014 at age 59.

After five rounds of chemotherapy, Michael was admitted to the University of Chicago Medical Center in November 2014 for an autologous stem cell transplant. Michael is hoping to be released from the hospital soon and will be staying nearby for the first part of his recovery from transplant. He will still have severe bone degeneration in his neck and spine, which will have to be addressed once he recovers from transplant.

Michael is on permanent disability from his job as a sound specialist. He is hoping to return one day once his health is more stable. Michael’s hobbies include skiing, doing jigsaw puzzles, listening to hard rock music, and making rain barrels to use repurposed water. His wife Denine describes his dry sense of humor and calls him her “soul mate” and “the love of her life.” They especially enjoy spending time together outside on their patio watching and feeding birds and other wildlife. They call it the “Doll’s little arboretum.” Michael and Denine have been together for 38 years and married for 33 years. They have four children, two grandchildren, and three cats.

This journey has been challenging for Michael and Denine, but they have drawn on their children and on their faith for hope and support. The Dolls had previously been very active in their church. Michael was the sound engineer for the church and enjoyed doing many volunteer projects in the community throughout the year. He is looking forward to resuming these activities once he regains his strength.

The Dolls are in need of financial assistance in order to pay for the many medical bills not covered by insurance. In order to meet these needs, they have decided to team up with The Bone Marrow Foundation to raise funds. Please consider contributing in support of the Dolls. Any and all contributions will make a difference!

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