Patricia Probst

Patricia ProbstOn February 8, 2012, Patricia (Pat) Probst reported to work like any other day, but the rest of the day’s events were anything but ordinary. Pat had visited her doctor the day before with concerns over the appearance of multiple bruises. When her doctor received her blood tests results, he called her at work and told her to go to the hospital immediately.

Within the next few hours Pat and her husband Ken received the heart wrenching news that she had an aggressive form of leukemia and would need to be transferred to Loyola Hospital for more testing and treatment. Although the cancer is aggressive, they were encouraged by the news that it is treatable and curable.

The first few months of treatment have included many ups and downs. Pat’s necessary chemotherapy regimens have caused weakness, cardiac issues, blood component issues, and discomfort. She has routinely been in and out of the hospital and has had to deal with unexpected insurance issues. Although treatment has been challenging, it has kept Pat in remission for many weeks, which is necessary in order for her to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Fortunately, one of Pat’s eight living siblings, Don, is a perfect match for this lifesaving transplant.

Pat’s strength has been evident from the day of her diagnosis, when she decided to end her self-described “pity party” and transition into survivor mode. Pat has also taken much comfort in the strength and support of her immediate family: her husband Ken, their adult children Ben, Becky, and Kevin as well as their significant others, and their grandchildren. She has a great faith in her Lord and feels the emotional support of family and friends who strive to be there for her whenever they can.

Pat and her family are hopeful that she will stay in remission and have a successful transplant. In order to help cover the medical expenses associated with treatment, her family has turned to The Bone Marrow Foundation to set up this One-to-One Fund on her behalf. They are grateful for any assistance that will continue to help Pat throughout her journey.

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