Rileigh Adams

Rileigh Adams is a spunky, outgoing 11-year-old currently in 6th grade in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is very interested in lots of things and likes to meet new people. She loves animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up. She currently has four cats, two hamsters, a ball python named Katherine and a tarantula named Jasmine. Her “Make a Wish” is to see baby sea turtles being hatched and help more of them get to the ocean. Rileigh enjoys reading and is trying to read all 20 “Battle of the Books” listed at her school this year; she has read 15 to date. Rileigh is a Cadet Girl Scout and is a champion cookie salesperson. She’s not bothered by being turned down; she just says “thank you!” and moves on to the next prospective buyer.

Rileigh was originally diagnosed with immunosuppressive Aplastic Anemia in June 2010 while getting her physical to go to YMCA camp, and immediately received treatment. She appeared to be improving, but late last year her blood count numbers crashed. Another set of tests revealed she has Fanconi’s Anemia. This disease causes cells to break and doesn’t allow her DNA to repair properly. The only way to treat the aplastic anemia associated with Fanconi’s Anemia is with a bone marrow transplant. She is scheduled to have her transplant at Children’s Hospital in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, on May 2nd, 2011 after a two-week “workup” in April requiring daily trips to Aurora.

Rileigh and her brother split their time between mom Dorian and dad Kelly. Dorian works full-time for a Financial Advisor, but needs to take at least six weeks off to be with Rileigh while she is in the hospital. Kelly, a disabled combat veteran, is studying to be a counselor. He is unemployed at this time, but has spent the last two years as an intern helping people with substance abuse and homelessness issues. Both parents plan to be at Rileigh’s side while in the hospital and anticipate many months of recovery, which involves one parent staying 24/7 at Brent’s Place, an aseptic living apartment complex near the hospital. They also anticipate many trips from Colorado Springs to Denver for Rileigh’s follow up care and doctor appointments as well as caring for Rileigh’s big brother, Kyle. Kyle is 14 years old, and will need to stay with a friend’s family in Colorado Springs while he finishes 8th grade. Kyle is very concerned and anxious about his sister. He wants to spend time with his sister in Denver and encourage her in her transplant and recovery, but needs to finish middle school.

The cost of maintaining both residences in Colorado Springs, staying at Brent’s Place, and traveling back and forth between Aurora and Colorado Springs while neither parent can work will be considerable. To help with these expenses, Rileigh’s family has teamed with The Bone Marrow Foundation to set up a special One-to-One Fund to collect donations on her behalf. Please consider helping with the financial aspect so that Dorian, Kelly and Kyle can focus on Rileigh and her recovery.

To receive updates on Rileigh’s progress, please visit her CaringBridge page.

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