Thomas Ryan

Thomas RyanThomas was diagnosed with Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin’s disease in 1989 at age 14. He has undergone chemotherapy or radiation a total of 7 times in the past 20 years and now at age 34, the cancer has progressed to stage 4 and has begun taking over major systems in his body.

In December 2008, Thomas’ health suddenly went downhill and he was placed on the National Bone Marrow Registry to find a matching donor in preparation for transplant. His symptoms were overwhelming as he was unable to work and could barely get out of bed for weeks. He began chemotherapy on December 28th because he was too sick to wait for a donor match. The hope was that a 6 month course of chemotherapy would provide him with some period of remission.

After these 6 months of intense chemo, Thomas’ body is ravaged. He has neuropathy in his hands and feet making it difficult to perform daily tasks such as walking or typing and he has lost between 30 and 40 pounds from his previously healthy body weight. His wife Haley was the sole provider and Thomas’ care-taker for all six months during his treatments. For many months the couple barely scraped by, going through all the savings they had and running up credit card debt and medical bills for lack of an alternative.

At Thomas’ recent 3-month check up after the chemo, his doctor found disease progression in his liver, spinal chord, and lymph nodes. His oncologists are currently moving forward with planning his bone marrow transplant but first his disease must be put back under control with several more rounds of chemotherapy.

During his transplant Thomas will be required to live in Bethesda, MD for approximately 3 months while Haley stays home and works. The costs of housing, medication, medical bills, and daily living expenses have more than doubled the family budget while they have only one income. Additionally, Thomas has not been able to work for most of the past 8 months, leaving him with no alternative but to turn to the Bone Marrow Foundation and private donors for financial aid.

“I cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity. The Bone Marrow Foundation has been amazing in the help they have provided us.” Thomas Ryan

To help Thomas and his wife with post-transplant treatment expenses, his family and friends have teamed with The Bone Marrow Foundation to set up a special One-to-One Fund to collect donations on his behalf.

Click here to contribute to Thomas’ One-to-One Fund

Or you can send a check, payable to The Bone Marrow Foundation.
Be sure to include Thomas’ name on the front of the check.
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