Tim Krumal

Tim KrumalTim Krumal was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer in October of 2010. He was at the doctor for a routine urology appointment when they discovered he had stage 3 large B-cell lymphoma and would need to begin treatment immediately. This led Tim and his family on an unexpected path that would continuously challenge them, but ultimately they feel it has made them stronger.

Tim is very creative and enjoys drawing, painting, and gardening. He loves learning and has a bachelor’s degree in landscape design as well as a master’s degree in counseling psychology. He has also been the Pastor of Family Ministries at Auburn Grace Community Church for several years. His wife, Jana, was the Preschool Director at their church, but she stepped down after the diagnosis in order to care for Tim and their four children; Carter, 13, Camden, 10, Arabella, 8, and Kelten, 6.

Following his diagnosis, Tim began receiving R-CHOP chemotherapy. After six rounds of chemotherapy, it appeared he was nearing remission, but the doctor recommended a bone marrow biopsy to determine whether he would need further treatment. Unfortunately, the results showed that the disease had progressed in his bone marrow and Tim would need to undergo “salvage” chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. The family was overwhelmed, but felt that God would help lead them through it.

Tim and Jana needed to travel to Stanford Hospital and stay for four months in order for Tim to receive his transplant. Jana had to undergo a minor heart surgery before she could serve as Tim’s caregiver. Additional medical issues during this time made the parents’ separation from their children very difficult on the family.

When they look back on all they have been through over these past months, they are in awe of their strength as a family. They are thankful for all of the emotional support provided by their family, friends, and church. However, they are now facing insurmountable bills related to Tim’s medical treatment. To help with the increasing expenses, Tim’s family has teamed with The Bone Marrow Foundation to set up a special One-to-One Fund on his behalf. They hope you will consider their family in your prayers and support.

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