Todd Ramsbottom

Todd and family


Todd and wife


You may know Todd from your childhood swim team or as a ‘Badger’ at UW Madison. You may have coached him or he may have coached you or your kids in swimming, football, or wrestling. You may know Todd as a teacher, a friend, a colleague, a relative, the tall guy with the cute family at church, or you may just be touched by his story.

Todd was recently diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and is embarking on a long and extremely expensive battle with cancer. This will involve months of medication, hospital stays, and a bone marrow transplant. Todd will then spend a minimum of 100 days living in isolation while his immune system recovers from the transplant. He will need to stay in a hotel room away from his family and the risk of infection.

In order to keep Todd in his rightful place as a sixth grade teacher, loving husband to Liz, and dad to his three beautiful children, Anna (6), Ryan (4) and Jake (3), his friends and family have teamed with The Bone Marrow Foundation. They are hoping to raise thousands of dollars to help meet the costs of the ongoing medical expenses and isolated accommodations.

They realize that everyone has their own financial demands, but believe that coming together for Todd, who has positively impacted many lives, will make a HUGE difference. The family will be truly grateful for any support.

Click here to contribute to Todd’s One-to-One Fund

Or you can send a check, payable to The Bone Marrow Foundation.
Be sure to include Todd’s name on the front of the check.
Send check to:

The Bone Marrow Foundation
515 Madison Avenue, Suite 1130
New York, New York 10022