Lifeline Fund


At 37, Jason battled Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma for 7 months in 2011. After 15 months of remission the cancer came back with a vengence. After many surgeries he began 2 months of intensive inpatient chemo, followed by the Transplant process. During this time he and his wife were unable to work for 6.5 months, although the bills kept coming. They had to pay for housing at each of the hospitals and their mortgage, etc. The medical bills for the transplant and after care are becoming insurmountable. Jason and his wife are back to work but are struggling to pay all of the medical bills. They have been happily married for 19 years and have renewed their vows twice. They are asking for a little help so they can "finally have their happily ever after."

The Bone Marrow and Cancer Foundation relies 100% on private donations. Your generous Lifeline Fund donation will make a significant difference in the lives of patients like Jason.