Lifeline Fund


Seven year old Sanat was diagnosed, within a week of his birth. Before Sanat was born, his older brother, Aryan, was only six months old and fell sick frequently. The doctors in India failed to give him any proper treatment or diagnosis. Sadly, Aryan passed away in July 2006. One doctor said that Aryan might have had a problem with his immune system, but it was just too late. As a precaution after Sanat was born, his father, Amaan, got him fully screened. Upon receiving the report and contacting various doctors and hospitals around the world, they all confirmed that Sanat had X-Linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCIDS). After a great deal of deliberations, they decided to take Sanat to Miami, Florida, for his bone marrow transplant. The entire treatment in Miami was self-funded by the family. They sold their house in India and utilized all of their assets to raise funds for the transplant. Sanat was about three months old at the time of his transplant and his maternal grandmother was the donor. After the transplant, Sanat had constant follow ups in London. In August, Sanat was treated with antibiotics, but he did not improve. Eventually, he was admitted in the hospital and remained there for two months but they could not do much for him. Sanat’s aunt found out about the National Institutes of Health, who decided to admit Sanat into the gene therapy program for X-Linked SCIDS. This was their only hope left, and so, the family flew immediately to NIH in November 2014. Since then, Sanat has been hospitalized for his second transplant, which occurred on March 6, 2015. So far, he is doing well. For the past 7 years, all of the family earnings and savings have been used to save Sanat. Sanat’s father had to leave his job in India to be with his son. The entire family moved from India to be at Sanat’s side. Unfortunately, Sanat’s father is not allowed to work in the U.S. due to his Visa, leaving very little money for food, housing, travel, and basic needs for Sanat. Sanat will need to stay in the U.S. until at least October 2017. To help cover the treatment costs, living expenses, clothing, and housing, the family has turned to The Bone Marrow Foundation to set up this One-to-One Fund. Your generosity will greatly support this brilliant child, who loves art and being outdoors!

The Bone Marrow and Cancer Foundation relies 100% on private donations. Your generous Lifeline Fund donation will make a significant difference in the lives of patients like Sanat.