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The Day Our Lives Changed Forever……

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My husband Ezekial went to the hospital on 8/23/2020 with an abscess on his tonsils. The ER doctors noticed swollen lymph nodes in his throat, so they ran some blood work. On his follow-up visit to our doctor 8/28/2020, the blood results were in and showed his WBC count was over 30,000. He was diagnosed with Leukemia.

9/2/2020 was our 1st visit to an Oncologist and it was determined he has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. After months of testing, we found out he had a condition called TP53/Chromosome 17 deletion. This condition can cause his CLL to become aggressive at anytime.

He is now taking Imbruvica for treatment, it's too early to tell if the drug is actually working, could take up to a few months. 

Besides the pandemic and CLL diagnosis, he also has back issues and recently had back surgery. He had to have a piece of his L4 and L5 removed and his sciatic nerve moved to another location. He is currently trying to heal from the back surgery. 

Due to all the medical issues recently, my husband hasn't been able to work. He has been out of work for going on 6 months now and will be returning. He worked a very physical job and it's not an option to go back at this point.

This has been a rough ride, which has now turned into our new journey together.




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