Ask the Expert:
Support, Guidance,
and Answers.

A confidential question-and-answer service connecting cancer and transplant patients and their families to health care and mental health professionals.

Sometimes it can be hard to seek out a knowledgeable source for support or guidance, whether due to geography, expense, physical limitations, or just the anxiety of talking face-to-face.

Ask the Expert gives you a way to get expert and practical answers, free of charge, easily and confidentially. You and the health care or mental health professional will remain anonymous to each other, and all communications occur online.

Ask as many questions as you want to get the answers you need. Our experts represent a wide range of disciplines and our patient services coordinator will make sure that your questions are directed to the appropriate expert.

Note: If you do not have access to email, please contact the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation at 1-800-365-1336 and we will pose the question for you.

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“I recently contacted the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation about the upcoming SCT between myself and my brother who is fighting leukemia. I would like to thank your team for providing information and being ready to answer the many unanswered questions I had. This has been a very frustrating and scary time for our family, and we appreciate the ability to reach out and speak to someone.”