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I just kept thinking "tomorrow will be a good day...I'll have time for a journal entry tomorrow..."

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But every "tomorrow" has brought additional challenges!

Tom's transplant journey started simple enough. On October 5, we reported to the Mayo Clinic for a day of appointments and classes. We got a crash-course in all that his course of treatment would entail. The Transplant Team created a chemo regimen that would take into account Tom's other health challenges, and would be easier on his system. We visited the pharmacy to pick up prescribed medications, visited with the nutritionist to learn best practices for keeping him fed and healthy during his transplant was a lot of information, but the day went well.

October 6, 2021 -- Day -7

Tom had a Hickman Catheter inserted to allow for easier infusion treatments through the course of treatment. The process went very smoothly, even with the plates and screws in his collarbone creating a little bit of a barrier.

October 7, 2021 -- Day -6

First chemo infusion went really well. Tom felt really good after, was able to eat and drink dinner with the family. We spent time walking, took the dog around the block, enjoyed a fall day in Minnesota.

October 8, 2021 -- Day -5

More of the same! Tom actually commented on his walk in from the parking garage about how good he was feeling, and how he didn't understand how everyone was telling how miserable he would feel in another 10 days' time.

October 9, 2021 -- Day -4

Tom tested positive for C-Diff infection, and started treatment with Vancomycin. Other than that, he continued to feel really pretty good. He was still able to eat and drink, we spent time watching a movie with was a pretty good day!

October 10, 2021 -- Day -3

Definite positive shift in his digestive issues. Things were still looking pretty good! He  was just anxious to get to the TRANSPLANT! 

October 11, 2021 --Day -2

Last day of CHEMO before the big day! This chemo was a little bit more intense. They added a second medication to the regimen for this last day of conditioning. He expected the day to be a little rougher, but he made it through without a problem at all. He was told to expect a few sores in his mouth to develop over the next few days as a result.

October 12, 2021 -- Day -1

This was a "day off" from chemo. He had to report for lab work, but overall felt good. We spent the day with a little explore around Rochester. 

October 13, 2021 -- DAY ZERO!

The transplant itself went SO quickly! It was a long day; he had to have several hours of fluids infused before and after the HCT were introduced. But his sense of humor was high, we were laughing and joking, and looking forward to Murielle's BIRTHDAY DINNER! She had already picked the place  we would order from, and she was anxiously checking in on progress...she's so excited that they now share a birthday!

October 14, 2021 --Day +1

Tom continued to feel pretty good. His energy level was high, his appetite was fairly consistent. 

October 15, 2021  Day +2

Another good day! Feeling a little bit of fatigue, but was able to eat well, went for a walk with the dog.

October 16, 2021  Day +3

As outlined in the treatment plan, on day +3, Tom was admitted to the hospital for 2 days of additional chemo, in hopes of preventing graft vs. host disease. The day was pretty uneventful, but once night fell, Tom developed a tremendous headache, which was unrelenting for the next several days.

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