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Tony Cox Carelines Fund

“Tony has Leukemia. We found out in September last yr. He went through 5 rounds of Chemo and lots of testing. He is going to OSU James hospital. They are truly amazing. So as of today he had a sample dose of the Chemo he will receive before his transplant. He will be admitted to hospital on the 4th of March as of now we will find out for sure Thursday. Then he has 7 days of the Chemo and the next day he gets the transplant. They found 5 donors that was a match for him. He has worked this whole time until last week and he started his short term. So we are asking for as many prayers as we can get.... I know God works because he brought me through cancer and many other issues... We are so blessed to have as many friends and family. He will be in hospital about 30 days and then we have to stay close to hospital for the next 2 months or so. Now he said he wasn't staying in a hotel for 2 months ”

$50.00 RAISED
$2500 GOAL

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