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Hello my name is Rachael I was first diagnosed with myelomonosystic leukemia November 7 2018 the doctor told me an left the room it was so uncaring the way he did it my whole world came tumbling down I think I had it for awhile but I never needed a blood transfusion until he said I had leukemia the next month was December I was in er getting a blood transfusion that hospital wasnt equipped for blood transfusions they gave me the wrong blood three different times so I started searching myself it said I needed a Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) transplant so I told the doctor an he said I would have to need blood everyweek to get that well I wasn't taking that for a answer so I started looking for a blood cancer hospital an found one as soon as I got there I was scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy when got the biopsy the doctor had to use 4 different tools an the last one had a spoon on it I ask him why it took so an he said because my blood was like jello before I left that day the nurse consultant ask if I had brothers or sisters an I Said yes so 5 were tested an my baby brother matched well they took his HCT from his blood an gave them to me I was in the hospital a little over a month an then I came home about a month ago I got sick again my body had woken up an was fighting my baby brother HCT it called  graft versus host disease so now I am on a bunch steriods sometimes it gets discouraging but I learned faith in God well help an give you a sweet spirit i just know he is always here for me

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