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I was first diagnosed with non-hodgkin's Lymphoma back in 2017 and I started taking chemotherapy and them to radiation which seemed to remove the cancer. Then very quickly the cancer came back in my chest and again I started going through chemotherapy and I was loosing weight and sick at times. Then my doctor told me I needed to go to UT Southwestern Center and go for the cancer treatment as she could do nothing further for me and I became very depressed for a few days and gathered myself together and went to the hospital. There I met Dr. Rizvi who began treatment and then we talked about going into the hospital and having some of my HCT removed for a transplant when time came for it, then I went in the hospital and started taking beam chemotherapy which would destroy my immunine system and I was that way for about a week or so and then the transplant came and after a few days I felt better and after about 2 weeks longer I got to go home. I was doing very good I fely with one exception I had hospital bills that I could not and still can not pay. I am disabled from being ran over by a drunken driver in 2001 and I only get 1200 a month to pay my bills and that does not cover them all. My dear sweet wife is retired and she had to find a small job so we could pay the rest of our bills and buy so groceries if we have the funds left each month.

The hospitals do not understand people in my situations who just can not afford the bills and they really do not care I feel as they send the bills and I try to send them money but it is not much at all. I would like to reach out and ask my fellow human beings if they could find it in there heart to help me with my bills and if not I Thank You anyways and God Bless You and Your Family.



I have non-Hodgkin’s mantle cell lymphoma, and I do have Medicare Insurance as I have been disabled since 2001 after being ran over as a pedestrian by a drunken driver during the mid-day time when you would really expect the drunks not to be out then I would think anyways. In 2017 I noticed a small knot on my tonsil area and I went to the doctor which in turn sent me to a cancer center at which time they done test and confirmed that I had the disease. I had talked with a lady at the doctor’s office at that time about my expense and that I could not afford to pay them as I only get 1278 a month for disability and I have a very difficult time in paying my house bills. Well she explained to me that there were companies that assisted people like me and that she would look into them further and I never heard anything from her so I figured everything was going fine and I inquired about it but they told me the lady was not there and that has been the last I heard from it until now. They tell me that I owe a little over 4000.00 right now but I do not have the funds in any way to pay them, so I am seeking some assistance and I am praying hard that someone may be able to help me in some way with these please. This one is UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas 2001 Inwood Rd. Dallas Texas and the doctor is Dr Syed Rizvi 214-645-8300  and he seem to be very good at this and they have done a great job so far I believe and right now my white blood count is low and I have another very important thing that is low as well and they are giving me injections and pills to try to get them raised back up. My insurance is paying some only thing is I have a 4900 deductible that I am having a very hard time in getting this paid and I am trying to find someone who could possibly help me please. I am willing to do anything that I can possibly do in order to get the funds to pay these doctors. I pray that you can help in some way. I also pray that you can understand my situation. I was ran over by a drunken driver in 2001 and made it to 2004 or 5 when  had to give up and have back surgery and it took everything I had then to pay my co-pay and I still ended up then with a 2500.00 that I could not pay as the doctor was over 100,000.00. I sit and cry sometimes due to all this that has happened with me, but I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me I just need some help with the bills if possible. I do not know how much I owe them right now but I do not think it is much, please help me please. If you can find it in your help to help me with my bills I would be very appreciative.

Thank You God Bless

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