Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Mickey’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Mickey in his journey of recovery. Here you can:

Never thought I'd need financial assistance but I'm in some dire straits right about now. I am and veteran and I was diagnosed with a Grade III Anaplastic Ependymoma in my brain about 6 years ago. I was able to get it removed. I lived the next 4-5 years generally symptom free. I just found out a few weeks ago that my cancer has come back and I now have 6 tumors in my spine. I was recently married 8 months ago and my wife is away in the Army. I had surgery 4 days ago to remove 2 of the larger tumors and am going to begin the journey of radiation, chemo, likely more surgery and possible clinical trials, hopefully at MD Anderson in Texas. The pain is virtually unbearable right now and I'm excited to fight this and hopefully have many years left and back to life. Being unable to work - and the Army being the way that it is sometimes, my wife hasn't been paid in over 3 months due to someone "dropping the ball." I hate to put my problems on here but we've basically been served an eviction notice and although I am still insured through TriCare there are no funds coming in for food, power, insurance, rent, medical bills that I do incur as well as other miscellaneous bills, and any travel expenses for my treatments(even local ones because I'm unable to drive.) I know times are hard right now for everyone but every little bit helps. She will at some point hopefully receive back pay but for now the future is very uncertain. I've borrowed to the point now where anything we get back will not be ours. I'm just hoping to stay afloat and not end up homeless at this point. My wife not being here as a caregiver also makes things difficult as help with basic household chores is a necessity and that also costs money. My prognosis is highly dependent on the timeliness and responsiveness to treatment. Anything helps. I'm hoping to live a happy and healthy life for however long that is for me - hopefully many more years. Every bit helps. Thank you so much in advance. I will keep everyone updated on my status and if anyone has any questions - I'm an open book. The funding is needed pretty much as soon as possible. Landlords and bill collectors only give you so much leeway.

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