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Hello, my name is Melissa I am 47 years old... A wife and a  mom of 4 ages 23, 21, 11 my youngest 9  years old and I have 2 grandbabies they are 4 years oldcand 8 months they are my whole heart they are my purpose for living each day.    I look at them and know that I have to keep fighting for them.   I was diagnosed with CML Leukemia in 2014.  I have been taking chemo drugs and the side effect were awful so I would find myself not taking them literally playing with death.  I tried chemo injections as my last alternative to A Bone marrow Transplant and got really sick over a 4 month period of time.  My blood levels dropped so low that I was admitted into the hospital 4 times and was getting weekly blood transfusions a total of 42 units of red packed blood cells  and platelets.  My blood levels have finally started to recover and I had my organ testing done to proceed with a bone marrow transplant.  I Have passed all of my organ testings and have clearance to proceed with the transplant.  I was truly blessed...I have a 100% unrelated match it is a 21 year old male... The odds of finding an unrelated match is 1 in a millon...I get my port put in and start my first dose of chemo on February 15 and I get addmitted in the hospital on February 21 and my transplant on the 26 and will be in the hospital between 30-45 days depending on how well the transplant takes..There are many risk after I get out of the hospital so I have to stay in the hospital 3-4 months...I have to go see the dr everyday and get blood drawn...I have to get all of my baby shots again.  Since I will be in San Antonio getting treatment 151 miles away from husband (caregiver) have to stay in a hotel close to the hospital so we can be close by incase I develope a fever or and emergency arises....this is very stressful time for my family and I..... I am very kids will have to stay behind until I am reovered enough for them to come and stay..  Just the thought of being away from home so long is stressful, much less the cost of travel and medical expenses added to all of the other monthly bills that we already have to pay.    Any donations would greatly be appreciated.   I know times are hard and understand if you can not donate, please share my post and maybe someone else can. Thank you

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