Reaching out to a Community of Support

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At the beginning of 2021, my sister in law Cheryl started her very long road with cancer.  I have asked her to tell her story in the hopes of finding supporters to help her get through this very challenging time. Cheryl has great support from her family and friends but the medical bills and expenses are very high and with not being able to work its almost impossible to see an end to a very long tunnel. Any amount raised will be put toward Cheryl's medical expenses and all expenses related to her cancer treatment.

Cheryl's story.......

In February of 2021 I started to get severe back spasms and pain in my legs. To the point that I could barely walk. My primary doctor at the time brushed it off as pain from working at a child care facility as I worked with infants and did a lot of lifting.  I continued to struggle with the pain and nobody could find the answers as to why. As I struggled, I knew that I was not myself and I needed to find answers.  I changed doctors but nobody could seem to diagnose properly. One evening I was rushed to the hospital because I was in such severe pain that I couldn't take it any longer. I believe this trip to the hospital saved my life.  After extensive testing, I was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure.  With further testing it was found that I had multiple myeloma.  I am very thankful to the emergency room doctors who were able to get to the bottom of the pain and diagnose me properly. In March of 2021 I started my first round of chemo.  It was a different kind of chemo in the aspect that I didn't lose my hair but it made me very sick.  It was very difficult to eat which led to weight loss. As anyone knows that has gone through cancer treatment, its no fun! The side effects from chemo can be dibilating. Along with the pain of the cancer and the treatment, my main concern was how am I going to get through this financially. I no longer could work so I had to depend on family to support me during this extremely trying time. As there is no cure for this type of blood cancer, the only solution for now is to have a Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) transplant that will further my survival rate and put me in remission.  I was suppposed to start this procedure in August but my body still has to much cancer. I am hoping that by October we can start.  For now I will start on Darzalex which is a prescription medication designed to attack the myeloma cells. With the support of family and friends I know that I will get through this cancer.  I ask for prayers that all will go smoothly and I will be on the road to remissioin very soon!  Thank you for reading my story and I do believe I will fight this cancer and I know there are better days ahead!

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