Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Peter ’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Peter in his journey of recovery. Here you can:

Dear Friends and Family,
       As many you know, Peter Hopkins was diagnosed in November 2020 with a rare blood disorder called HLH. It is treated like cancer and unfortunately has no cure. Shortly after relocating to Charleston from LA in February, Peter was admitted to MUSC ( Medical University of South Carolina) and remained there for 7 weeks. He received the most amazing care from a team of extremely knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate human beings!        
      Since then he was busy getting stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Peter has enjoyed all that Charleston and the Lowcountry has to offer( Lots of museum visits, local sight seeing, church on Sundays,delicious Southern meals, beach walks etc). During the spring and summer months several family members including daughters ,Emma and Charlotte, came to visit and no doubt helped Peter during his journey in so many ways.❤️

     On July 28th, Peter successfully received a bone marrow transplant from a young male German donor. We now consider July 28th Peter's "German Birthday ," One year from his transplant date Peter will be able to reach out to the German donor, for whom we are forever grateful. 

     We have set up this new site through The Bone Marrow and Cancer Foundation in NYC, to keep everyone updated and help raise funds for a variety of expenses due to Peter's transplant. Through this site ALL donations are tax deductible for supporters and tax-free for Peter. On  July 22nd Peter was admitted to the hospital and will remain there for approximately 30 days .Once he returns home, he needs to have a full time caregiver through November 5th.(He cannot be alone the first 100 days post transplant.) His siblings Allison and Rick will take time off their full time teaching careers to care for Peter and his dog, Puff. 

  So very many folks have asked how they can help. Unfortunately Peter cannot receive food and live plants during this whole process (due to the risk of exposure to live bacteria).Therefore, we are asking for financial help to cover many anticipated and additional expenses he cannot cover on his own. These include medical expenses and/or copays not covered by insurance, transportation expenses, living and housing expenses (utilities, weekly cleaning services to keep his apartment as clean/ dust free as possible, groceries, dog food etc) caregiver expenses and doggy daycare/boarding expenses for Puff. 
     We hope you will consider helping Peter during his life changing journey. Your donation through this site goes directly to Peter's expenses with no fees removed AND your donation is tax deductible! 

     As always we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and please continue to pray for Peter and send positive thoughts and energy his way. 

     With love and gratitude, ❤️

 The entire Hopkins family

P.S. Receiving mail is the highlight of Peter's day.Please send cards/postcards to Peter Hopkins


A. Hopkins , 65 Vanderhorst Street, Apt G , Charleston SC 29403





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