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Day Plus 14

by Peter Hopkins

Jello or Pudding?”
 Those are Peter’s two “meal” choices right now. His throat is still swollen and sore but his sense of humor is coming back! When he starts making his funny faces I see the real Peter we all love so much!!  ?
           Today... [READ MORE]

by Peter Hopkins

Hi Everyone! 
   Today is “plus 4” for Peter.He is doing really well and the doctors are pleased with his progress. All the doctors, nurses, and staff remember Peter from the spring and are AMAZING!! Rick and I are with Peter most of the day and have been enjoying the... [READ MORE]

Peter’s update for July 27th

by Peter Hopkins

Peter’s day is almost here! Today is -1 and his “Day of Rest” . He is in good spirits and is ready for his bone marrow transplant tomorrow, Wednesday July 28th. Brother Rick is here for several months and staying at Peter’s apartment with Peter’s dog Puff.        If... [READ MORE]