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Hi my name is Maribel I am 26yr old I have a 10yr old daughter. I am a single mother and at the age of 17 I was first diagnosed with Leukemia, I beat it. I relapsed and had to get a BMT 2018. Everything was going good till unfortunately a routine blood work showed I had relapsed. I had a SCT on 06/2021. My sister was the donor 2 times. I've been battling this illness for a very long time and it takes time away from being a good mom cause when I'm tired I have to tell her I can't or I tell my sister to take her out to distract herself. I got COVID this year in January 2022. I quarantine like my Dr's told me but they think that it trigger something in my body that my kidneys started to shut down so as of right now I am on Dyalsis, I was doing maintenance chemo every 6 weeks & since I lost a lot of weight I am on physical therapy trying to get my strength back up. I do go to the clinic to get Celerius every other week. I am on SSI & with everything raising I have to be so tight with money cause I only get one check a month. When I was working I took out a car from the dealership and I really need my car to go to my Dr's appt or to take my daughter to hers, etc. There's been some BMCFs that have helped me pay a month here a month there so I won't lose my car since I really need it. If my daughter needs anything I have to ask her aunts to buy it for her and it shouldn't be like that cause I am her mom and I should have it like that and I won't be able to work for probably about 2yrs. I was working in a warehouse before I got sick. I do have my family support on everything. My mother is in Dyalsis as well & I have one sister living with me so she takes care of her son, my daughter, me and my mom. She's so strong! I have never let this disease win & I will always fight like a warrior cause I want to see my daughter grow since I am a single mom. Thanks you for reading my story! God bless and always keep going forward. 

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