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Dear Family and Friends,

       On June 24th, 2022 my life started a completely unexpected chapter , I was diagnosed with Stage One Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Around 15% of breast cancer patients are diagnosed with this type. This cancer is aggressive and has to be treated aggressively. I am fortunate the cancer has NOT spread to my lymph nodes. On August 11th I will start my 8 month chemo/radiation treatment plan.

    My original plan for August, 2022 was to start my teaching career back up full time as a Kindergarten assistant at the school where I have been since 2015. I took last year off to take care of my brother Peter after his Bone Marrow transplant. Sadly, Peter passed away in September 2021. I substitute taught for the remainder of the school year. Going back to work helped me stay focused and heal in so many ways. The O'Quinn School is "my happy place". For now , my happy place will have to wait, as I begin a new normal. A new normal that will not feel so normal, however I am determined to get through this! I will be treated at Hollings Cancer Center which is part of the Medical University of South Carolina. It is the same center where Peter received amazing care and it is a 10 minute walk from our home in downtown Charleston. 

       As I have quickly learned not all my medical expenses are covered by insurance. So many friends both near and far have asked how they can help. Therefore, we have set up of this site through the Bone Marrow Cancer Foundation in New York City, to raise funds to cover a variety expenses due to my breast cancer diagnosis.Through this unique site ALL donations are tax deductible for the supporters and tax-free for Gregory and myself. ( The funds are strictly managed by the BMCF, not by us.) 

       I always try and find the silver lining(s)  in every life experience.  I know I can work through my new challenges that lay ahead of me with the support of my amazing husband Greg, sons Teddy and William and our families , friends and coworkers .My oncology surgeon is a former parent of a student of mine ...what are the odds?  I am extremely fortunate to live so close to my treatment center , a lot patients drive several hours each way. Lucky me, I already know several people at MUSC because of Peter's medical journey there and feel so much support before I have even started my treatment plan.❤️
        Thank you in advance for visiting my site. 

With love and gratitude,


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