Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Chad Schauers’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Chad Schauers in journey of recovery. Here you can:

Hello! We are the Schauers and Welcome you to our page!  

There are six of us.  Robin, Chad, Miles, Meg, Morgan and Mitch.  For the last 19 years Robin and Chad have been partners in a marriage that has seen some pretty amazing miracles.  About 18 years ago, Chad was diagnosed with a small cell follicular non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Robin Schauers, married only 10 months to Chad at that time, made the decision to be the very best caretaker she could be.  She immediately went to work researching the cancer and available treatments.  Back then, there were not too many options.  The goal was to manage the disease and prolong life for as long as possible to take advantage of future breakthroughs.  Chad and Robin have been through 9 attempts at curing the disease over the last 18 years.  Through those 9 failed attempts with travel, at times no insurance coverage for care and other issues, The Schauers have spent close to $200,000 out of pocket to manage the disease. Unfortunately for the family, Chad's stage IV cancer is still active and slowly growing. The countless treatments, tests, complications, side effects, related diseases, etc., that Chad has endured quietly through all these years weigh on his body, and have taken a toll on his entire family.

As a very special opportunity created by being cancer free for a few months, (the one and only time in the last 18 years), Chad was able to harvest his HCT about 8 years ago.  These cancer free HCT have been waiting for this moment as Chad and Robin have decided to put an effort into curing this disease once and for all through a Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) Transplant.  The transplant is ongoing now and Chad has been in the hospital since June 3rd.  He is getting hit very hard with all of the chemotherapies leading up to the transplant along with the pain and suffering of the transplant itself.  We are currently waiting for the new cells to engraft and praying that all will be well as his blood counts are so near zero.

This positive, always smiling, hardworking man who is a wonderful husband and father, member of our community, and really an example of integrity, strength and joy, needs a little bit of help getting his family through this trial. Robin is already actively managing thousands of dollars worth of medical bills that are pouring in.  This is in addition to the expense of living 400 miles from their home during this time.  The "One-to-One" funds create some relief by accepting your tax deductible donation on our behalf and then approving reimbursable expenses such as left over medical bills that we can withdraw for.

This transplant could mean a cure for Chad, a life cancer free for him, his family and for the rest of our community to enjoy him healthy from now on!

The transplant is currently taking  place at the Huntsman Cancer Center in SLC and Chad and his family are temporarily residing close by. 
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