Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Edgar’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Edgar in journey of recovery. Here you can:

Dear Family, Friends and Guests,

Thank you for visiting my One-to-One Fund. I have been on a journey battling large B-cell lymphoma since May 2015. When my doctor gave me the news, I was in disbelief. I immediately contacted Cancer Treatment Centers of America  (CTCA) in Philadelphia for a second opinion. My first battle started when a port was placed in my chest. The port became infected the next day. I was hospitalized in my hometown of Petersburg and later returned to CTCA to have the port removed.

During my second round of chemotherapy, I almost died on interstate 95 coming home from Philadelphia. My lungs filled with fluid and I had congested heart failure. Luckily, my wife was with me. She drove me to the nearest doctor's office in Baltimore, where I passed out. The doctor and staff gave me oxygen to revive me until the ambulance arrived. They saved my life and I am extremely grateful to them.  I was taken to the nearest hospital in the area and stayed overnight.

After this ordeal, I transferred my treatment from CTCA  to Massey Cancer Center in Richmond, which was closer to my home. My treatment at Massey appeared to be putting the cancer in remission after a third round of chemo, so I returned to work. I worked for four months and had to leave because the cancer had returned.

I am currently out of work indefinitely because of my disability and medical condition. I will start my stem cell transplant in January, 2018.

My illness has caused a significant financial hardship on me and my family. Unable to work full time has caused me to get behind in my utilities and mortgage. The income from my spouse is not  enough to sustain our transportation, living expenses and the upcoming stem cell transplant. I will be hospitalized for three weeks and afterwards, I will be required to report to Massey Cancer Center daily for thirty days.

The followup appointments will determine if my body has successfully accepted the transplant. My recovery time will be up six months. I will be eternally grateful and blessed for any help during this trying time of my journey.

the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation’s One-to-One Funds are designed to support patients through this difficult transplant journey.  Thank you in advance for your support. All gifts are tax deductible.

Edgar Best