Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Edward’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Edward in journey of recovery. Here you can:

I would like to thank you all for visiting my One to One fund. As always all donations to this page are tax deductible and 100% of what is donated will be siphoned directly into my treatment and (god willing) my eventually recovery.

It has been about 4 months since I was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, and thanks to the diligence of the doctors and staff at Mount Sinai Hospital my treatment has been par none. It would be more than fair to say I would not be here right now if it weren't for their quick and decisive actions. That being said, as is customary with conditions and diseases of this severity and aggression, the medical bills of my treatment are burdensome. As I am out of commision for the time being and my spouse on disability from health complications of her own, we are trying to find a reasonable way to lessen that financial burden.

For everyone who has donated to my cause, I would like to thank you for being so genuinely selfless and taking the time to help me through such a stressful process. Every dollar has provided much needed help with my treatment, whether it be co-pays on hospital and doctor visits, or paying for the Neupogen I have to take when I’m home, every cent is helping. I never had something similar to this as a kid, where a complete stranger from across the world could take a vested interest in making sure that another stranger can afford their life saving treatment, an interest in making sure they don't have to spend 6 months of rent or mortgage money on a stack of medical bills sitting on their kitchen table. It’s beautiful how many friends, family, and total strangers have helped so many on this website alone. So once again, your unwavering support is invaluable to not only my financial situation but my morale and faith in humanity.

To give a brief update, I am undergoing chemotherapy to prepare for a bone marrow transplant that will hopefully make and keep me cancer-free. While this might seem like a last step, that I'm so close to putting this behind me, the road of recovery will be just as rough as the treatment I received to get to this point. The donor match was only partial due to my rare typing so immunosuppression drugs are a must, that means recovery goes from a few months of rest and rehabilitation to nearly a year of avoiding infection and illness. Regardless of what I have ahead of me, I will get on with it and move on to a new chapter of my life, hopefully one where I will call myself a survivor.



           Edward Rang