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For the past 4-1/2 years Fabio’s been battling A.L.L. an aggressive type of Leukemia. The initial chemotherapy was successful leading to remission but missed a great deal of work.  Unfortunately, this aggressive form of Leukemia returned in June 2017.  Chemotherapy was not enough this time and few options left, Fab chose a trial of immunotherapy to put him into short term remission so he could undergo a Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) transplant December 18, 2017. They are grateful to a selfless full match donor in France for also making this possible. 

The treatment will require him to stop working for a year. This leaves the family with no income and limited insurance to pay for the extraordinary medical expenses ahead.  Fabio has two teenagers and a wife to support as well and is concerned for the mounting expenses, limited resources, and the extensive treatment. Fabio and his family can really use your help.

Your donation to the Bone Marrow BMCF is 100% tax deductible by donating in his name, they will administer the funds.  Any amount will help and if your employer matches funds that can really make a difference.  You can also forward this link to anyone you know that can help Fabio and his family or may need a Charitable tax donation. 

Thank you for keeping Fabio and his family in your thoughts and prayers and for considering donating. 


* CARINGBRIDGE has more details on Fabio's journey. Please also join us there!


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