Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Alexi’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Alexi in journey of recovery. Here you can:

Hello Everyone, 

Thank you very much for visiting this fundraising page and considering helping Greg win his fight against Aplastic Anemia  All donations are tax deductible with donations going directly to pay for medical and treatment-related expenses.

Greg is a wonderful father and husband and serves his community as a police officer.  He has always been a healthy guy that never missed a day of work. This disease that Greg developed came as a surprise to all.   

In November 2016 Greg was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia (bone marrow failure where he is unable to produce red blood cells, platelets and had no immune system to fight off infections). 

He started a treatment called ATGAM and Cyclosporine in December 2016. Since then his bone marrow does not want to respond. Greg has been receiving weekly transfusions of platelets and blood. Since his journey has begun a Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) transplant was an option but had no matches in his siblings. His doctor then went to the bone marrow registry and found that there was a perfect match.  Since time has gone by where the ATGAM treatment has not worked, Greg is now in the hospital receiving bone marrow transplant  

We cannot say thank you enough for helping Greg get through this difficult journey. With the generous support of our friends and family, Greg is looking forward to a day when he can report that he is healthy again.