Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Kapil’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Kapil in journey of recovery. Here you can:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much for visiting Kapil's fundraising page and considering helping him win his fight against blood cancer.  All donations are tax deductible with donations going directly to pay for medical and treatment-related expenses.

As many of you may know, Kapil is a loving father, caring brother, dedicated son, and a generous friend. He was recently diagnosed with Myelofibrosis (a rare type of blood cancer). His bone marrow is unable to produce the needed red blood cells, so he currently gets a blood transfusion every 2 weeks. He is 45 year old, otherwise healthy and has three beautiful children, Sonali (age 5), Vihaan (age 3), and Aarish (newborn).

Kapil's ONLY chance of survival is getting a stem cell transplant. In the last few weeks Kapil has gone to many stem cell transplant centers across the US (Mayo Clinic, Loyola University, University of Chicago, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle) for their medical opinion. Kapil's condition is deteriorating rapidly. He has lost significant amount of weight, has been having night sweats, and gets extremely fatigued frequently. His hemoglobin has been dropping to below 7 g/dl which is causing him to go through transfusions which are proving less effective each time.

The entire situation is also causing significant financial distress on Kapil and his family. He is unable to work full time anymore, and will soon be fully out of work indefinitely. Because of his medical condition, it is difficult for him to do everyday activities, like taking care of his kids. He is also looking at an extended period of stay in Seattle while going through the transplant. Post transplant, he will require a sterile environment for recovery for at least 3 to 4 months for which he will need separate lodging and hire a team of caregivers around the clock.

The loss of income, inability to care for his family, and financial costs associated with stem cell therapy and his condition are overwhelming.

Kapil is extremely grateful for any help he could get as he embarks on this emotional and financially stressful journey.

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Thank you for your love, support and generosity toward Kapil and his family. May God bless you and bring Hope for Kapil through this journey.