Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Miguel’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Miguel in journey of recovery. Here you can:

Dear friends, family and kind donors,

Thank you for visiting my Bone Marrow Transplant Campaign fundraising page.

First, the fine print: All donations are tax deductible with 100% of donations going to pay for transplant expenses. In addition, ask your employer if this qualifies for employer matching funds grants by using “the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation." The tax identification number is 133674198.

I want to start my story by stating that my cancer is currently in remission. That's the good news. The bad news is that my form of cancer is a chronic condition.

I have a rare form of lymphoma called Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma or HSTCL. HSTCL is a blood cancer that kills off the bone marrow and the immune system. I was diagnosed in June of 2016 and underwent five months of chemotherapy.

HSTCL is not only a rare cancer (@200 cases described worldwide) but it's also aggressive. The survival rate with chemotherapy alone is not very good. I needed a Bone Marrow Transplant to beat this cancer. With my brother as my partial transplant donor (thanks bro!), I a haplo-cord transplant on October 28, 2016.

Again, the good news: My cancer is currently in remission. But, again, having a rare and aggressive blood cancer means good news comes with bad news: the treatment that saved my life is ridiculously expensive.

I need your help. 

Because my immune system is still compromised, I cannot be in crowds where I might come in contact with sick people. This means I can't work.

By making a donation, your generosity and kindness will help pay for the medical expenses related to my treatment. These include: co-pays, medications, transportation, and indefinite post-transplant medical and emergency attention.

Please help by giving WHATEVER amount you can. Seriously, every penny counts. Donations add up fast and your help will make a difference. The DONATE tab is located on the top of this page.

These months have been extremely difficult. There were many moments I thought I just wouldn’t make it through chemotherapy, radiation, and even my Bone Marrow Transplant.  I feel humbled to have such amazing support from my immediate family:  my brothers Adrian and VJ, my sisters Sara, Sonia, and Dina, and of course my parents; my friends who were either coming to the hospital every week or calling to check-in and who still do; my four-legged beast Cooper who has kept me in good spirits and who is making sure I’m exercising to gain back my strength. I’m determined to fight to stay in your lives.

A Bone Marrow Transplant is the cancer patient’s ultimate wish. It is a chance to get a rare and beautiful second chance at life, perhaps even living out the rest of my life without the cancer coming back; I believe miracles can happen. No more living in fear, endless trips to hospital and follow up treatments. It’s the dream treatment. A chance for a CURE!

By donating, you are giving me the ultimate gift: A second chance at life.

And for that I’m forever grateful.

With awe and gratitude,
Miguel Macias