Reaching out to a Community of Support

Welcome to Brandy’s Carelines page! Thank you for coming to support Brandy in her journey of recovery. Here you can:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting Brandy's fundraising page; a page dedicated to helping offset/cover the many costs associated with breast cancer treatement.  All donations are tax deductible with 100% of donations going to pay for treatement expenses and necessities.

In June 2021 Brandy was diagnosed with Stage IIA Breast Cancer with Metastasis to the lymphovascular system. Due to the invasive nature of the cancer, an aggressive treatement plan was necessary, thus she underwent a radical double masectomy and has begun IV chemotherapy. After that she will have several weeks of radiation therapy followed by an additional second surgery for reconstruction.  

Unfortunately, the intensity of the treatment plan has temporarily prevented Brandy from working which has placed a physical, emotional, and financial strain on her and her family. Before this untimely diagnosis, Brandy was working full time as a hospice nurse leader who regularly donned bright scrubs and light up shoes (Cancer can't take that outfit away from her!). She is an amazing mother of twin five year olds whose own adventurous spirits match that of their wanderlust loving mom.  

Please help Brandy, one of the most fun loving, big hearted, selfless people I know by leaving a message of encouragement or by making a donation. All donations add up fast and your help makes a difference. The DONATE tab is located on the top of this page.

Again, donations are tax deductible and you may qualify for employer matching funds grants by using “the Bone Marrow & Cancer Foundation” with Tax Id: 133674198

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support! 

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