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Chemo Round 2

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Chemo Round #2 ??

by Brandy L'Roy

Picture is from chemo round #2 on September 8th, 2021. Treatment has had it’s ups and downs, but I am still making it through on schedule. I am currently in the midst of completing 4 rounds of chemotherapy every other week.  Once this is completed, I will move 12 weekly rounds of chemotherapy, followed by radiation. 

Due to current Covid restrictions, I am now attending infusions alone.  I bring my phone and coloring books to pass the time, but I spend a fair amount of time asking the nurses if they have taken their lunch breaks.  The infusion center is nice and the chairs are comfy—think Barca lounger with moveable tray table.  I’ve suggested the installation of iPads/screens for movies and games and a bar cart so we can all stay hydrated, but such ideas have not yet come to fruition. 

The fatigue from chemotherapy was more than I had initially anticipated; 45 minutes of coloring with my kiddos and I need a break. I have been lifted by so many supportive persons in the last few weeks; meals, childcare, simple house chores—for this I am grateful.  MY tribe is beautiful and courageous and I feel special to have so many walking alongside me through this journey. 

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