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Day +57 Inpatient, quarantine, testing, testing and more testing

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We enjoyed the few days we had at home. It was peaceful and uneventful. Then on our regular clinic visit (I'm summarizing) he was presenting with neck swelling and they wanted to "do some testing " and " watch him overnight ." Well......the swelling got worse and became accompanied by a rash, and then a fever and rigors. Long story short we've been inpatient again for the last eight days and on isolation for the last six. They want to eliminate the possibility of the mumps virus, which causes them to wait on the state department of health to release him from isolation. They don't think it's the mumps. In fact a skin biopsy says (the rash) is a reaction to a medication. They are acting out of an abundance of caution to protect his new immune system as well as the other kids on the floor.


We are ready to go home! But we are both in good spirits and thankful for such amazing health care.


prayers and positive vibes arew welcome.


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